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Terms and Conditions

  1. You must provide legible documentation for each order, which lists the following:
    1. order number
    2. design number(s) (i.e. CE #)
    3. location(s) of logo(s)
    4. thread colors
    5. description of product, which includes brands, colors, sizes, style, gender, type of fabric, and quantity for each item
    6. expected delivery date to Classic Embroidery of product and name of supplier
    7. special handling such as polybagging or other special packaging
    8. date by which your order needs to be done (state either ship date or in-hands date)
    9. shipping method, i.e. UPS, FedEx, messenger, customer pickup, with account numbers where appropriate
  2. Your supplier must list your name and purchase order number on their shipping label and must provide a packing slip with each order. We will not be responsible for delays in production due to difficulty in matching product to your order when this information is not supplied. All ground deliveries are checked in within 1 business day of delivery.
  3. We will not be held responsible for wrong style, shortage, mis-shipments, and C.O.D.’s from your suppliers.
  4. The standard damage allowance is 2% per location embroidered on one piece, whichever is greater. We are not responsible for damages on caps or visors due to the different variables in embroidering them.
  5. Suitability of garments for embroidery is subject to factory judgment.
  6. Hats and flats cannot be combined for quantity pricing.
  7. Due to the difficulty of hooping and handling, special bags and all Carhartt items will incur a 50% per logo per piece upcharge.
  8. There is a 30% per piece up-charge for metallic thread.
  9. For an order requiring a change of thread color, there is a $10.00 charge for each quantity of less than 6 pieces per change.
  10. Name drops are $3.50 each.
  11. Backorders and add-ons will be invoiced at the original order rate if within 30 days of the original order.
  12. Standard production time is 5-7 working days after purchase order and product are received and logos, if new, are approved. For same day or next day service, add 50%. Rush service as availability allows; must check with production.
  13. Any and all changes to your order must be submitted in writing; no verbal changes will be accepted.
  14. We will not be responsible for decorated or blank merchandise left at our facility for over 60 days. If you need special short term storage, please call to make arrangements.
  15. Payment terms are net 30 for existing customers with good credit history. New customer’s credit will be reviewed and terms will be established. ACCOUNTS MORE THAN 5 DAYS PAST DUE ARE SUBJECT TO CREDIT HOLD AND CARRYING CHARGES.

  1. New design setup is $45.00 - $150.00 per design/logo. Editing charges are $25.00 - $50.00 per design/logo.
  2. We can accept approved artwork in JPEG, EPS, PDF, and Photoshop 7 formats.
  3. Approved artwork is defined as artwork to size that can be scanned and digitized.
  4. Specify the size of the final embroidery.
  5. Specify the fabric, weave/knit, type, and color of garments/products.
  6. Specify the embroidery location of each item.
  7. Specify the PMS and/or Robison Anton thread color for each area of the design. (Note: thread color is not a perfect match to PMS colors).
  8. Indicate if a pre-production sew out is required, and how that sew out is to be delivered to you(that is, via email or actual physical sew out).
  9. Any and all changes to your order must be submitted in writing; no verbal changes will be accepted.

  1. Classic Embroidery does not handle international shipments.
  2. There is a $3.00 handling charge per shipment.
  3. Classic Embroidery is not responsible for shipments lost in transit. For additional insurance, please authorize and state value on your purchase order. Insurance cost is $0.50 per $100.00 value.
  4. There is a $4.00 fulfillment charge per packaging increment.